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WEB: Repsonsive Design, e-commerce website
PRINT: Postcards, Media Kit Design, Brochures for Event Programs

We met Lorna Kelly, as she was in the process of starting up her new company, Virginia Natural Beauty LLC. It was immediately clear that this was more than just a business endeavor to her, it was the result of a life long passion for helping women embrace their natural beauty.


Knowing her audience would be young, mobile, and web-savvy we built her site using responsive design so it would function well on a desktop or laptop, but also on the tablets and smart phones a significant portion of her potential audience would be using to access information about her events. We also create media kits and postcards she can use to promote her events both online and in local businesses.

A successful web and print integration makes it easier for her to present a professional image to potential sponsors and to women in the community who come to her events and visit her site.

The Rock Benton Harbor

WEB: Designed current site, redesigning updated 2.0 version
PRINT: Signage, DVD covers

The ROCK Benton Harbor is a small church ministering to an area of the state of Michigan where there and great spiritual and tangible needs. One of the joys of my work is encouraging and contributing to the work of ministries across the nation that touch lives in their communities.

We have never actually met the contact person through which we do all our work for The ROCK Benton Harbor. She called us after one of our sites showed up on a Google search. We’ve never been to Michigan and she’s never come to Virginia, but through the wonderful way the Internet can connect you, we’ve become friends. We’ve cheered each other’s pregnancies and then watched the children grow up on Facebook. We’ve celebrated life and business successes and commiserated over the setbacks. Occasionally, we’ve even gotten some work done.

Bob Flynn

PRINT: Branding, numerous booklets, e-books, power point, infographics
WEB: web graphics that were used in site built by outside marketing firm  


Bob Flynn is a consultant who works directly with the upper level sales teams of Fortune 500 companies around the world. We have had the pleasure of working with Bob and participating in the process of rebranding his extensive collection of materials to better reflect his strength as a unique voice and established presence in his market.

One of the greatest parts of working on these materials has been the opportunity to be exposed to them as I designed and formatted and illustrated concepts, I was also reading and learning from a true master. Everyday, the ideas I gleaned from his books influence how I look at others and conduct myself in business and personal relationships. Sometimes the creative process is one where you simply give visual form to another’s ideas, but at its best, the process becomes a catalyst for change and growth.

“Rachel has designed dozens of our workbooks and other ancillary materials for over five years. A consummate professional, Rachel is far more than a service provider, she is a highly valued business resource and partner. A true expert, and an absolute pleasure to work with, Rachel will add tremendous value to any business requiring high level graphic design.” Bob Flynn, President