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Visual Identity

It doesn't start with a logo or a website. It starts with who you are.

When people meet you for the first time, shake your hand and ask what you do, and what you are about, you probably have an answer prepared. You probably love sharing your passion for ministry, your vision for your business, your goals and dreams for the future. But when you aren't there to explain, when it’s left to a small business card, or a simple brochure to express your core message – it is possible for it to still come through? Big companies know that they can’t possibly shake the hand of every potential customer in person to introduce their core identity. Small companies that THINK big, don’t try to, they let their visual identity speak for them.

A careful integration these key elements you can communicate your business or ministry’s core identity:


- A Unique Logo

- Web Site
- Business Cards
- Letterhead
- Printed Materials 
- Signage
- Advertisements


Please explore our portfolio for examples of our work:

Web Design  

Print Design  

Branding Case Studies

Mobile Apps