• Web and Print Design

    Websites, Brochures, Logos, Business Cards, Postcards, DVD Covers, Billboards, Mobile Apps or even T-Shirt design. Contact us to discuss your needs. What is the vision of your organization?Whether a church, ministry or business we can assist you.
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  • BrandingIt's Your Visual Identity

    Design sends a message. What message are you sending? Branding is your visual identity. What does your visual identity say about your brand?Contact us to see how we can assist you in reaching the vision of your brand.
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  • Mobile ReadyFeatures

    Every day more and more people are connecting online through mobile devices. For many, their mobile devices is the only way they connect online. Is you website mobile ready? Engage your clients and potential clients where ever they are!Contact us now to see how we can help!
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Design Sends A Message

Design sends a message. Before you can say a word, your web site, brochures and even logos and business cards are telling people about you. The mission of ByHisDesigns is to put great web and print design services within reach for businesses, organizations, and churches regardless of their size or budget.

For over ten years we worked in the print and web graphics fields. We have worked and traveled with established international ministries and a small warehouse church that grew into an international ministry. We have produced work targeted for Fortune 500 executives and work targeted to make a single person office look like a Fortune 500 company. We have even bartered web design for free food at our favorite coffee shop. We love what we do. And we love working with people who love what they do, people who are trying to make their corner of the world a better place. Let your light shine! We believe good design doesn''t have to be out of reach! ByHisDesigns can help you send the right message about YOUR message. We look forward to working together on a project soon.


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Starting Point

You have a vision but don't know what the next step is? Take a look at what our process is and then let us know how we can assist you on making your vision a reality.

What CMS should I choose?

What CMS will you use for your site? Don't know? There are many options to choose from but here is some information on a few.


Email Support

Email support is strictly dedicated to account and pre-sales questions. Please use the contact form on our site.


What you need to launch/build a website

In order to launch a website there are a number of things to consider, and provide. These items will require you to stop and think about your business, ministry, and church. While an outsider could possibly create some of this, only you know YOUR goals, YOUR desires for YOUR endeavor. Providing these items will both dramatically speed up the creation of the website as well as finely tune it to your goals/desires. The website is after all for YOUR business, YOUR ministry or YOUR church. A good website designer, graphic designer, copy editor will work with you, try to understand what those goals and desires are and provide feedback regarding what industry standards are, best practices, and helpful hints. They will work WITH you to create the site that best meets those goals and desires. They become partners in your success.

1. A Domain Name: A domain name is the address that an end user would use to get to your website. (Ex:  www.mycompanyname.com) We offer the ability to buy/renew domains. A domain is bought in increments of yrs. It can be bought for multiple years (HIGHLY SUGGESTED!!!) Prices vary depending of domain extension (.com, .net, .org, .biz etc). Once bought it must be pointed to a server location.

2. Server/Hosting space. This is the amount of space it takes to contain both your email and website. Typically this amount can be easily increased if needed. Once a domain is bought, it is then pointed to this server location. Hosting is renewable annually. Multiple years can be purchased at a discount.

3. A Logo - very simply a visual representation of you company name. If you do not have one, we can create one for you.

4. Content –

· Welcome info - basic 1-2 paragraph welcoming a visitor, short sell statement explaining what you offer and why it’s superior. 

· About You – detailed info minimum 2-4 paragraphs explaining in who you are, what you do, why it’s superior

· Services – Minimum 2-3 paragraphs regarding what you do

· Contact – basic info on how to contact you. Phone, fax, email, directions

· Storefront or detailed sell info. Prices and features.

· Images – any images, such as staff images, location images, and product images should be provided PRIOR to launch. Custom images can be created for you if needed.

· Color Scheme – Does your company have a company or corporate color scheme or style guide. This typically includes font choices. All of this sets YOU apart from your competition.

5. Email addresses - list of email addresses desired. Even for a 1 person company it is sometimes considered wise to create multiple addresses (all forwarding to one person) in order to appear as a larger company.

6. Marketing plan – A website alone will not do it. You need to have a marketing plan. Email, social media, even print. We can handle all aspects of media marketing for you.

a. Keywords – potential keywords to be used for search engines.

b. Site description paragraph – used by search engines

c. Social Media Marketing platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

d. Email marketing - flyer, brochures, newsletters, responsive marketing pages

e. Print marketing –flyer, brochures, newsletters, business cards, tshirts, billboards etc