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I make it pretty.

Since I was a child, my dream was to somehow use art to serve God and others. I began college at V.C.U. on a painting scholarship, but graduated with a Communications Arts and Design degree, having traded the paint brush for Photoshop along the way.  That fine-arts background and sensibility is a part of every piece I design. I love the challenge of solving problems in visually engaging, beautiful ways. After college, I spent several years as a medical illustrator, and then six years in the computer graphics department at a regional printer, where I learned the technical side to design. Following that I was the graphic artist for a ministry as it grew from a small warehouse to a megachurch, and now I focus on By His Desings full time.


Through it all, my dream remains to use my art to serve God and others. I love working with those who have big vision. We have met some of the most amazing pastors, ministry leaders and Christian business owners and partner with them in the work they are doing to advance the Gospel. We were even able to travel to India for a first hand visit to a ministry that we create design work. I am living my dream everyday.


I enjoy working with people who are not satisfied with this world as it is, but are pouring out their time, energy and talents into making a better world a reality. Who believe the impossible is possible. If you are considering a website or print design then you already realize the value of sowing and watering seed for your vision. For us, this is a work in progress and a step of faith. But we know God has it all worked out, by His designs...

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Rachel has designed dozens of our workbooks and other ancillary materials for over five years. A consummate professional, Rachel is far more than a service provider, she is a highly valued business resource and partner. A true expert, and an absolute pleasure to work with, Rachel will add tremendous value to any business requiring high level graphic design. 
Bob Flynn
Change Management Specialist at Peopleworks,Inc.
Rachel has an amazing talent in graphic design. She's amazing at just listening to you (even when you feel like you don't have your business idea together) but can somehow just look at what you have and ask the right questions...then make you or your brand look exquisite! Her team helps us at and is helping grow our brand for Richmonders this year! Her talent is extremely diverse and her team can get anything done you could possibly need!
Leah Coleman
Sales/Leasing/Property Management/Investments/Consulting at reFine Properties
Rachel is a fantastic graphic artist with incredible out-of-the-box creative ideas. She always goes above and beyond what she is asked to do and the result is more than I could have ever dreamed it would be. She does a great job at getting as much information up front for the job as she can and comes back with amazing designs. She is honest and dependable and she has a great attitude about any project she gets challenged to complete.
Valerie Althoff
Member Services Manager at Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce
Rachel is an amazing and talented designer, artist and web designer. Her ability to take a concept and make it happen, bringing detail and uniqueness to everything she does. I highly recommend Rachel's work. 
Lois Trader
Patient Advocate, Professional Speaker & Author, Blogger